Update: July 15th:

I have internet at home finally!! Weeee! :D 

Commissions will be done any day now. Thanks everybody for your patience and support. I’ve finished 11/13. If you want a super top secret preview of yours before I post the rest and you promise not to post it, just ask.

Update: July 12th: 

(I’m posting this from work SHHH.)

I moved out of my old apartment! Moving took a couple days, but I’m getting internet at my new place on Monday the 14th! Couldn’t have them set it up any sooner, so I’ve just been chugging away at commissions without referenes/internet in the meantime. Sorry for the hold-up! I’d say they’re all really coming along nicely. Only 3 more left to finish out of …. 13 or so!  

Oh! And I exchanged my Cintiq for a shiny new, non-broken one! Just finished re-installing all my art programs and brushes. 


Had my tablet bluescreen on me the other day and found out it’s got an electrical problem, so that set me back a day or two. Moving over to my other tablet and finishing up the line art on the last half of the drawings. Will post them all at the same time once they’re finished! 

Update: Jun 10: PROGRESS

Making good progress on the commissions so far! They are ALL sketched and just waiting to get inked. I can’t believe the positive response and support I’m getting from you guys. Thank you SO much for everything. Even if you couldn’t donate, just the thought that your support can get me through tough times like this means the world to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ll keep you all updated on the situation and will have some new art for you soon!!



A huge thank you to everyone who helped spread the word.
I’m starting on the artwork now and will post them to my Tumblr and Twitter once they’re finished. May open up additional slots depending on what the damage is.


Please retweet and share for signal boost. I just got into my first collision and I’m moving in a month so I’ve got literally no savings right now to cover the cost of the damage I did. Immensely stressed and embarrassed.

Commissions are 100% digital, limited to single characters, and will be grayscale. 

All inquiries please reply to this post or e-mail sab0d@hotmail.com

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